Badhaus Bad Boll

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Thermal and Mineral Baths

The Thermal and Mineral Baths in the Geopark Swabian Alb invite you to a sensuous experience. They offer relaxation and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul. These oases of peace are also the result of the geological history of the Swabian Alb which gave rise to the thermal and mineral waters.

Bad Boll Bathing House

Warm water at 34 degrees centigrade as a life-giving source for your health... the bubbling force from the depths! The thermal mineral water is beneficial for the body, especially for improving mobility and relaxing and strengthening muscles. Supportive treatment is given by the underwater massage jets. Severely handicapped people can be lifted into the pool with a hydraulic lift.

Panorama Therme Beuren_

7 pools in the indoor and outdoor areas with a total water area of 1,000 m² invite you to take a relaxing, therapeutic bathing session. Various steam baths, cave scenery, thermal grottos with mist cave, heat and salt galleries, sun meadow, pergola garden and spring cave, numerous rest and relaxation rooms and a spacious open area with recliners, barefoot path and Kneipp facilities are additional services available to visitors.

Barbarossa Thermen Göppingen_

Whether you would like to go for a swim, sweat in the sauna or be pampered in the wellness area, you will find everything you need in one place in Göppingen. This oasis of peace and quiet is located next to the town swimming pool. In the Barbarossa Thermen you enter a completely different world - a world of steam baths in ancient Roman/Greek style, different saunas and solariums to suit every type of skin. If you wish, partake of a vitamin drink or light meal at the juice bar. Afterwards take a walk through the garden with its interesting sound and water features which is like visiting a different culture, both relaxing and calming.

Tuttlinger Wasserwelt_

Leisure and thermal pool
This is a really special leisure pool: in the Tuttlinger Wasserwelt (Tuwass), you can bathe in mineral and thermal water with a spa rating!  Based on  its chemical composition and its physical qualities, the water of the geothermal borehole used in the Tuwass is a flouride-containing calcium-magnesium-sulphate-hydrogen carbonate thermal water. Its mineralisation largely corresponds with the St. Anna spring in Bad Windsheim, which has been officially recognized as a mineral spring with healing water, and the Italian San Pellegrino mineral water.

Limes Thermen Aalen_

Switch off, relax and enjoy the ancient Roman atmosphere of the Limes Thermen Aalen: four indoor pools and one outdoor pool are fed by warm thermal mineral waters at a temperature of 34° C which comes from a depth of 600 metres. A Kneipp facility, tepidarium, colour-light treatment, saunas, solariums, a Roman-Irish steam bath and the physical department with physiotherapy and treatments complete the services offered by the Thermen.

Therme Bad Überkingen_

The warm water flows from a depth of 500 m straight from the spring into the pool - completely fresh and unadulterated. Whether you want to relax in the glorious sunshine or under starry skies, numerous underwater bubble jets invite you to give yourself a "body massage" in the warm outdoor pools at a temperature of 35 to 36° C. People have known about the quality and healing effect of the Bad Überkingen waters since the 12th century. The spa town can look back on a long bathing tradition. The thermal baths are located in an idyllic park right next to the spa hotel, which itself is steeped in tradition.

AlbThermen Bad Urach_

Experience a new dimension of bathing and wellness. Immerse yourself in a new world and experience the traditional healing springs at the heart of the Swabian Alb. The completely renovated Bad Urach AlbThermen offers wellness and therapeutic bathing in a modern and spacious atmosphere. The warm mineral thermal water from a depth of 70 metres feeds 6 different pools with temperatures varying between 32 and 38°C. A daily throughput of 1 million litres ensures the water is constantly renewed.

Bad Sebastiansweiler Mössingen_

Rehabilitation and Care Centre
People have known about the sulphurous water in the Bad Sebastiansweiler springs for centuries and it is regarded as particularly powerful. It comes from the lower layers of rock formed in the Jurassic Period, about 180 million years ago. The water has been analysed as containing "sulphurous sodium-magnesium-calcium-hydrogen carbonate-sulphate". The water from Bad Sebastiansweiler comes from three springs of different strengths. It contains 1.550 to 1.980 of dissolved minerals and 35 to 116 mg of sulphide sulphur per litre. This means that it clearly exceeds the minimum values for mineral waters and sulphurous waters stipulated for the rating of health resorts, spas and mineral springs and is therefore a mineral water and remarkably powerful sulphurous water in one.

Vinzenz Therme in Bad Ditzenbach_

You can find an oasis of peace and relaxation in Bad Ditzenbach in the Swabian Alb. This is where the Vinzenz Therme is located, nestling amongst the beautiful scenery of the upper Fils valley. The thermal baths are part of the Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken gGmbH organisation. Pristine nature all around, the healthy climate of the spa and the pure and healing thermal waters which are so abundant here, all ensure that a visit to these traditional baths will be a worthwhile holiday from everyday life and a health-promoting experience.