National Geoparks in Germany

There has been movement towards the designation of Geoparks all round the world since the 1990s. In Germany, this idea was taken on board in 2000, and has since been strongly promoted. The Swabian Alb was awarded the label "National Geopark" in 2002.

The designation "National Geopark" is awarded by the GeoUnion Alfred Wegener Foundation; the working group is part of the section "Geotopes and Geoparks" of the "Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geologie - Geologische Vereinigung (DGGV eV)" since April 2016.

Further information

The National Geoparks at a glance
There are currently 15 Geoparks in Germany which are certified as National Geoparks. (Six of them are also recognised internationally and are members of the European and Global Geoparks network.) Besides the Swabian Alb the National Geoparks are: