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Dr. Sandra Teuber (Managing Director)
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Iris Bohnacker (Geology/Project Management)
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Bettina Claass-Rauner (Public Relations/Marketing)
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Vera Schneckenburger (Education for Sustainable Management)
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Helga Stark (Administration)
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The UNESCO Global Geopark Swabian Alb comprises all ten districts of the Swabian Alb and covers around 6,200 km2 across the entire region of the Swabian Alb (federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg). The karst landscape of the Swabian Alb is unique. Therefore, UNESCO awarded the area its seal of quality in 2015 and included it in the list of the most important natural landscapes in the world. There are five other UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGPs) in Germany. Worldwide there are currently 161 UGGPs. The Swabian Alb, a karst mountain of the Jurassic, is of outstanding international importance in terms of geological history and heritage. Nearly nowhere else in Europe, you can find so many caves and fossils.

Due to its special topography with protecting caves and raw materials, the Swabian Alb became the birthplace of human culture. The oldest figural art works ("Venus of Hohle Fels" and "Löwenmensch") as well as the oldest musical instruments of mankind were found in those caves. The volcanism 12-15 million years ago, which left over 350 volcanic vents, craters, maars, moors, thermal and mineral springs, is also typical of the Alb. Nine of Germany's 77 national geotopes can be found in the UGGP Swabian Alb. The Swabian Alb has five UNESCO labels (including three World Heritage Sites and the Biosphere Reserve Swabian Alb).

The task of the UNESCO Global Geopark Swabian Alb is to anchor the geological significance of the Alb in the public consciousness, to get people excited about geological history and to preserve the heritage and the habitat. With this objective, projects in the areas of sustainable regional development, geotourism, geo and environmental education, geotope protection and visitor guidance (Geopoints) are implemented. The Geopark Swabian Alb network includes 28 Infocentres (show caves, museums, nature conservation centers and educational institutions), nearly 40 Geopoints (sites where visitor can experience geological and cultural heritage), many guides and the Geopark schools. They are all Geopark ambassadors.

The UNESCO Global Geopark Swabian Alb is a non-profit organization. Its members are the ten counties of the Swabian Alb, the Swabian Alb Tourism Board (SAT), the Industrieverband Steine & Erden Baden-Württemberg (stone industry association), the Kessler + Co Foundation for Education and Culture and the three cities of Steinheim a. Albuch, Schelklingen and Beuren. Chairman is Ulrich Ruckh (mayor in Schelklingen) Managing director is Dr. Sandra Teuber. The staff includes five employees at the geopark offices in Schelklingen.